Jennifer Lawrence red dress .//. The Life

Ok. How amazing is Jennifer Lawrence? I am absolutely one of the millions of people who are completely and utterly obsessed with her. What’s not to love? She’s gorgeous, hilarious, confident and always speaks her mind. Earlier today I was stalking her… I mean gathering information about her so that I could be an informed citizen … and something stuck out to me: she has amazing posture! Everything that I love about J. Law is communicated through the way she carries herself. Shoulders back, head up, sassy face on; seriously, her confidence, wit, charisma all radiate from her stance.

Researchers at NYU found that we make eleven major decisions about one another within the first seven seconds of meeting. {Forbes} Good posture conveys confidence,  power and competence. In addition, according to TED speaker Amy Cuddy, changing your posture can actually change your mental state. Just like forcing a smile will make you feel happier, taking a powerful stance is shown to increase your testosterone levels (raising confidence) and decrease your cortisol levels (lowering stress). As evidenced by the fabulous Ms. Lawrence, good posture can also make you appear slimmer and showcase your incredible choice of outfit. Take a look at how she carries herself in the following photos, and if you’re inspired to stand up a little straighter afterwards like I was, here are ways to improve your posture.

Jennifer Lawrence Gold Dress .//. The Life

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie .//. The Life

Jennifer Lawrence Blue Dress .//. The Life

Jennifer Lawrence Ball Gown .//. The Life 1 .//.  Red Dress 2.//. Gold Dress  3.//. Black Dress 4.//. Blue Dress  5.//. Pink Dress